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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dean Award

a sacrifice from my father had given me a lot of support until i can achieve all of this...thnx, abah...

a lovely kiss from my mum...the kiss that came from a pure heart of my mother; " Congratulation, my dear"..juz like i want to break the tears in my eyes on that time...

me n my parent...we had a picture together...i feel proud to be their children...i knew that both of them were really happy wif me...all of this is for u mum, dad..

when i accepted the medal and certificate from dean of faculty of science...such a happy n feel very glad on that time..picture was taken by my mum..

on 16/8/2009 at 8.00 pm, before the ceremony begin, i wif my happy my mum wif my achievement...

my 2nd happiest day in my life...

during my graduation day, i got a lot of flower...i was very...very...very happy!!!!!!finally i finished my study in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

myself with fowers looks like in the flower's garden...hehehee..dun got jealous...hehehehe

this is the flower which was given by my lovely mum.....

this is the combination of the flowers given by my sis, my fren and my aunt...

on 17/8/2009, it is the time that i am waiting for a long...long...long time....finally i can call myself as a fresh graduate...that day was my convocation day!!!! i am very happy on that day...all my family celebrate my graduation...

on that day, i got a lot of flowers which was given by my mum, my aunt, my younger sister and the last flower was given from my fren, Muhd Dzikri...thanx dude!!!all flowers were very beautiful...i never thought that i can get a lot of flower becoz actually im not the person who really like flower very much...hehehehe..but when all those people gave me those flower, i really tend to keep it alive forever....that only the memory will remember me bout my graduation day...

Monday, July 27, 2009

leave a comment here!!!

last week, all my frenz worked very hard to finish all the video making...the last interviu that we had to made was an engineer...his name is En Fadzli...he came to uthm wif his member, mr mansor...we decided to do a video making in Fujitsu at Parit Raja, but due to human resource's order in Fujitsu, the video making could not been done in there.. how pooooooor we were...huhuhuhuhu...then, en fadzli told us many things about what an engineer should do..he also told us that there were many types of an engineer...and what i was so impress was a technician and an engineer was the same status, what make them to be different is their holder whether degree or diploma...while an engineer, he can get into management field but the technician must work very hard to achieve that, this mayb en fadzli's opinions...hmmmm....what do u guys think?????

alL I tO GiVE ( BSB )

i don't know what he does to make you cry
But i'll be there to make you smile
I don't have a fancy car
To get to you i'd walk a thousand miles
I don't care if he buys you nice things
Does his gifts come from the heart - i don't know...
But if you were my girl
I'd make it so we'd never be apart
But my love is all i have to give
Without you i don't think i can live
I wish i could give the world to you... but
Love is all i have to give(give..)
When you talk(when you talk), does it seem like he's not
Even listening to a word you say?
That's ok babe, just tell me your problems
I'll try my best to kiss them all no way...
Does he leave(does he leave) when you need him the most?
Does his friends get all your time?
Baby please, i'm on my knees
Praying for the day that you'll be mine!
To you... hey girl, i don't want you to cry no more - inside
All the money in the world could never add up to the love
I have inside...
I love you
And i will give it to you
All i can give, all i can give
Everything i have is for you
But my love is all i have to give
But my love is all i have to give
Without you i don't think i can live
I wish i could give the world to you
But love is all i have to give to you

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

depenDenCe Of ForeiGn mAidS

Indonesians living in Malaysia clashed with Malaysians in February 2000, prompting calls for tougher rules on foreign workers, many of whom live on rubber estates near Kampung Limau Manis (near Kuala Lumpur); about 300 were arrested. Many of the Indonesians were employed in the construction of Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur International Airport, but did not go home when their contracts expired. Malaysia requires Indonesians arriving on tourist visas to have at least M$1000 when they arrive.

There were 697,219 registered foreign workers in Malaysia in February 2000, including 517,766 from Indonesia; 129,000 from Bangladesh; 30,500 from the Philippines; 3,280 from Pakistan; 2,888 from Thailand.

There are 150,000 foreign maids working in Malaysia, mostly Indonesians, and the Malaysian government has promised to do more to curb abuses. Incidents of Malaysians abusing maids have become front-page news in one case, a man reported his wife to police after she allegedly battered their Indonesian maid, who was paid $97 a month. The woman, who has pleaded innocent, could face up to seven years in jail if she is convicted.

A study of Indonesian maids in Malaysia concluded that many are trying to escape social problems in their villages; many of the maids interviewed were abandoned or divorced by their husbands or their husbands had taken on another wife. Once in Malaysia, the maids find that the work is harder than they expected, and many have problems with language, employer behavior and unfamiliarity with modern household appliances.

The recruitment of foreign maids may help alleviate the burden of short-handed families and restaurants, especially when many urban couples have to go out to earn a living. Nevertheless, a maid can be as detrimental as she is helpful to a family. Maltreatment and sexual abuses of maids, as well as the abuses of employers' toddlers and thefts by maids have all gone rampant in recent years. All these point to the fact that having a stranger walking around freely at home unsupervised is just as dangerous as planting a time bomb at home. It is just a matter of time that it goes off. In the rare incidents where it doesn't, the employer should count his luck and sing praises to the Almighty.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Friday, July 10, 2009

new things again...

i learn about air the air condition, it is consist of compressor, condenser, thermal efficiency valve(TEV) and evaporator...those things are the amin component in air cond.....(it's look like me giving a lecture) hehehhehe...learning a new thing is giving me a new ideas about something...on the same day, i was learning how to braze the copper pipe which is very good to is look like as soldering electronic's circuit....